Reel Big Fish with Suburban Legends and The Maxies

Mavericks at The Landing
Article & Photos By: Morgan Bates

When telling people I am going to a Reel Big Fish show, it constantly goes one of two ways. “I love them!” or “Who is that? What type of music do they play?” Once I tell those who haven’t experienced Reel Big Fish that they are a ska-punk band, the next question is always “What is ska?” Of course I tell them they should come along with me to find out in person! But, unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. The simplest way to describe ska music is upbeat tempos with combinations of reggae, rock, punk, and often include brass instruments. Some other well-known ska bands include No Doubt and Sublime. But, no one does ska-punk like the vibrant, animated, checkerboard loving, & Hawaiian shirt wearing Reel Big Fish!

As my friends and I walked into Mavericks, the show kicked off with The Maxies. A band of outrageous masked musicians covered in red from head to toe. These guys were undeniably entertaining and different. I had never seen them before but, they definitely got the crowd fired up and kicked off a night of fun music with style and flair. It was even a band member’s birthday! So that added and extra element of fun for this band. I am sure I will be seeing more of them in the future.

Next was Suburban Legends. They put on a fantastic and incredibly fun show as they sang original songs like “My Friend” with fun choreography and enthusiasm. They also performed covers we all know and love like The Golden Girls theme song “Thank you for Being a Friend,” “Kiss The Girl” and “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King’s “I Can’t Wait to be King.” There was no shortage of happiness in the crowd! I enjoyed their show immensely! At the end of the night, I even got to take a picture with guitarist and vocalist Brian Klemm and tell him how much I enjoyed the show! He and lead vocalist Vincent Walker were incredibly nice and excited about meeting and talking to their fans.

Last but not least, the main event! Reel Big Fish! As they came on stage, the crowd roared and chanted their name. The band was as happy to see us the fans, as we were to see them!  They played all of my personal favorites like “Beer”, IMG_20160202_183700“Trendy”, “Everything Sucks”, and “Sell Out.” But they also did some extremely fun covers like “Take on Me” and “Brown Eyed Girl.” We couldn’t get enough of their energy and as they played, each song was even better than the last! Some fans moshed so hard they ran into us, bruising our arms, and spilling beer all over us! But believe it or not, its all a part of the fun. My friends and I enjoyed every energetic and exciting second as we sang at the top of our lungs and never stopped dancing or as Reel Big Fish call it, “Skankin!”

I have seen Reel Big Fish on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed! The atmosphere of this Ska-tastic show was no exception and definitely exceeded all of my expectations. Each band interacted with the crowd, drawing us in and keeping us wanting more! The music was fantastic and exciting, the beer flowed, the thrilled fans danced (or moshed in this case) and the vibes were amazing! If you ever get the chance to go see any of these bands, Do it! Then you will understand why ska is way better to experience than it could ever be described!

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