Old Dominion at Mavericks

Old Dominion with JB Crockett
Article & Photos by: Morgan Bates 

IMG_20160210_150659When asked if I wanted to do a review for Old Dominion, I won’t lie to you, I was hesitant. I am not a huge fan of country music but, decided why not?! There’s no harm in giving them a chance! I went in with the expectation of seeing many cowboy hats, boots, and a whole lot of plaid. I predicted the music would be full of twang and the songs would be about big trucks, the girlfriend leaving, and the dog dying. Thank goodness I was way off the mark.

As my friend and I walked into Mavericks, it was wall to wall packed. We barely even got through the door! I saw very little of what I was expecting out of the crowd. Instantly I was more intrigued about this band since there was such a large following and full house! The opening act JB Crockett was already on stage once we finally got inside. He played some original songs but mostly covers, like “Chicken Fried” which everyone sang along to with great joy while, I just sipped my beer and remembered that this song was the reason I stopped listening to country music in the first place. But, when he played “Last Dance with Mary Jane” I was instantly won back over and my attention was brought back to the show so quickly I think I got whiplash. He was unquestionably talented, knew how to work the crowd, and get them pumped up for the main event.

IMG_20160210_150200When Old Dominion stepped out onto the stage, I was pleasantly and extremely surprised. There wasn’t a single plaid shirt or cowboy hat like I had anticipated. They were rocking leather jackets, jeans, and vintage tees. Not to mention, they were very easy on the eyes. I instantly thought, I could be into this. My impressions of them only got better as the show kicked off. The energy was high and the crowd sang along to every word, and I can totally see why! Lead singer Matthew Ramsey’s voice was smooth and sexy, instantly drawing you in with relatable lyrics. You were left hanging on every word in each song he sang like “Break Up with Him,” “Half Empty,” “Snapback,” and “Crazy, Beautiful, Sexy.” The whole band including Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung, Brad Tursi, and of course Matt Ramsey were having so much fun you couldn’t help but, want to join them! These astonishingly talented musicians were incredibly charming and had the crowd wrapped around their fingers. We were clapping our hands, dancing, and singing along before we even knew it! It was an exceptionally entertaining show!

Needless to say, I am happy to have been proven wrong for having stereotypical expectations going into this show. Old Dominion has officially opened my mind and ears to the possibility that country music has more to offer than the sappy, sad, and “twangy” tunes I have known it to be in the past. I tip my hat to them and hope to see them again very soon!

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