Everybody Wants More of The Struts

X1029 Birthday Show Featuring The Struts
Ponte Vedra Music Hall
Article & Photos by: Morgan Bates

My awe and love for The Struts began in October of last year at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans. I had seen them on the lineup and knew that I had heard of them before but, just couldn’t place them. My friend had told me they had a song currently on the radio “Could Have Been Me” I remembered the song but, it didn’t really click at the time. They then hit the stage and within seconds, I knew I would never forget them. They had flair and a 70’s rock n roll style that I envied. They were awesome and so interactive with the crowd! So naturally, when I heard The Struts would be the headliner at this years’ X102.9 birthday show I knew I HAD to be there!


When the day of the show arrived I was more than thrilled! I walked through the doors of the Ponte Vedra Music Hall with the expectation of this outrageously large crowd of fans. I was surprised to see that the hall wasn’t nearly as packed as I had imagined. Especially since my friend told me that the show was at capacity for the free tickets given out. That was disappointing because The Struts are FANTASTIC and I had only heard good things about the opening act, The Front Bottoms. But, there was no way I was going to let that stop me from enjoying myself. I grabbed a beer, met up with a friend from school and hunkered down for the show I was so excited to be a part of!

I did miss some of The Front Bottom’s set because I was at a friend’s wedding (Congratulations Ali & James!) But, I did enjoy the part of their set I did get to see.  After they stepped off the stage all the noise around me turned into buzzing about how awesome they were and how their fans were already excited to see them again.

As the lights went down for the main event, everyone in the hall began to roar with excitement. As each member of the band walked onto the stage, I was giddy inside. Geth sat down at the drums, Jed threw his bass guitar over his shoulders, Adam strapped on his guitar and lead man Luke walked out in a glitzy ensemble that I would love to have in my closet. The best part about his ensemble, he didn’t stop at just one outfit but three! Each wardrobe change was even better than the last.

Opening with “Roll Up” the crowd exploded with cheer and sang along throughout the entire show to brilliant lyrics like “So now whatever I wear, its gotta have flair so you people can stare.” And “I don’t want to live as an untold story, rather go out in a blaze of glory.” As the played all of my personal favorites from their new album “Everybody Wants” like “Could Have Been Me,” “Where Did She Go,” “Put Your Money On Me,” and “Kiss This.” Each song was an amazing expression of who I believe The Struts to be.  They are truthful, unique, lively, and irresistible.

My admiration for The Struts is undeniable. They are a flawless picture of what I have always imagined the good ole days of rock and roll were. Each experience I have had the pleasure of enjoying with The Struts just amplifies my respect for them!

Happy Birthday X102.9!! Thank you for brinigng in these amazing bands to celebrate another successful year!

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