Ain’t No Party Like A The Bastard Suns St. Patrick’s Day Party!

The Bastard Suns
Jackrabbits 3/15/16
River Street 3/17/16

Looking for a band that knows how to get the party started? Have you had a long day and need to let loose and go a little crazy? Drop any plans you think you might have, grab a pint and get to a The Bastard Suns show! I guarantee you won’t regret it! These Bastards work hard to play harder while having this way of blending musical influences like punk, ska, reggae, and folk into a manifestation of encouragement and a kick ass good time.

This self made band has accomplished a lot over the past few years with the release of 5 EP’s and 3 full length albums “Here Come The Suns,” “A Band For All Seasons,” and “Long Live Song.” Even though most The Bastard Suns hang their hats in South Florida these days, they are continuously touring the country sharing their love for what they do as they give it their all for each and every show, whether it be a crowd of 10 or a crowd of 200. Clay has a voice so powerful and influential he moves the crowd from left and right while all their friends are coming in, and together we drink ‘til the next day begins. Wes makes his guitar cry as his solos are so remarkable they’ll make your jaw drop. Whitney gets us to enlighten up with her harmonious and mighty voice. While Manny wails on the bass and newest member Tonka keeps our feet moving to the beat on the drums.

I‘ve been lucky enough to see The Bastard Suns many times over the years and was so excited to be able to catch them twice on their current tour “Late Nights & Shark Bites.” First here in Jacksonville at Jackrabbits and again on River Street in Savannah, GA for St Patrick’s Day!  Both shows were incredibly fun and exciting. The Suns played many of my personal favorites like “My Pint,” “S.B.M.T,” “Start A Party,” “Pain Train,” Another Long Night,” and “Irish Drinking Song.” As well as some amazing covers of “Soul Shine” and “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

Jackrabbits certainly is the local go to spot to see a The Bastard Suns show. It’s always so amazing to see the faces of friends from all over town as we come together to support our favorite band. (We should seriously consider starting a Jacksonville fan club.) But it is also so awesome to catch up with the Bastards themselves! They are always up to something fun and are some of the nicest people on the face of the Earth!

River Street was a whole different kind of amazing show! There were people from all over the nation in Savannah, GA to celebrate St Patrick’s Day sporting their green, drinking green beer and waiting for the The Bastard Suns to rock on the river! Those that had not yet heard of them left as fans and previous fans went home with yet another amazing experience to keep close to their hearts.

The Bastard Suns have set themselves apart from the rest by putting on a show like no other, an experience so special and uplifting that you get home at the end of the night and smile about how much lighter you feel. Personally, nothing helps me to forget all of my troubles like singing with friends at the top of my lungs about drinking pints, sweet leaf between my teeth, starting a party, and wishing I was a pirate of the whiskey sea.

I hope each of you reading this will heed my advice when I say check out The Bastard Suns! It will definitely be worth it! Cheers to The Bastard Suns and may the future be nothing but onward and upward!

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