Interview with Jay Emmons & Adam Paquette from The Glorious Sons

Interview with Jay Emmons & Adam Paquette from The Glorious Sons
Welcome to Rockville 2016

As soon as I got my hands on The Glorious Sons’ newest album “The Union,” I knew I had struck rock n roll gold! This is an album complete with grit, heart, and deep lyrics. Once it begins to play, The Glorious Sons transport you back to the 70’s with a modern take on anthems about tough love, over coming the stressful nine-to-five, and the understanding that life is not easy. But, honestly these guys “never joined the union because they never wanted it easy.”

After their knock out set at Welcome To Rockville, I met with Adam & Jay to talk about their amazing album “The Union,” the creation process (or as Brett calls it “Chasin’ The Light”), Adam and Brett’s dislike of toothpaste, and their hunger and drive to succeed.

No flat tire will stop these Canadian rock n roll rebels, as they show no mercy on the road. Proving to the U.S. that rock n roll isn’t just music, it’s a way of life.

Morgan: How did you guys meet and start The Glorious Sons?

Jay: Well we all kind of grew up together. We’re all different ages so we went to the same high school. But, we really didn’t know each other until we started this band. Chris and I knew each other through our base player and started jamming with a bunch of other dudes. Andrew and Adam were working together and we joined teams with them and all of a sudden we had chemistry and magic happen. Then Brett decided to join. We kind of lured him back from university. He was out on the coast going to school and once we lured him back. Then we had a front man and then it just went on from there.

Morgan: Can you tell me a little about your most recent album The Union? (Which I think is fantastic by the way.)

Jay: It’s floor on floor Rock N Roll.

Adam: Workin’ mans music.

Jay: Blue collar rock n roll album.

Morgan: The lyrics are amazing too!

Adam: Yeah Brett is a great lyricist.

Morgan: What is the creative process is like?

Adam: We’ve been dabbling with new ideas. But, for that specific album, we didn’t really have a formula. We just got into a room and started makin’ noise until it kind of fell into place.

Jay: A lot of noise.

Morgan: White Noise?!

Adam: (laughter) Yeah! We’ve got a producer and he kind of puts it all together. More recently were working on new stuff. Working on computers for some songs. Brett will write something and we’ll try to come in and build something or just acoustic guitars, write a song and then sometimes we go back to the old way just banging our heads together.

Jay: I feel like some of our best stuff comes from all five of us being in a room. Brett calls it “Chasin The Light.”

Morgan: Were there any life experiences or people that helped to inspire the album?

Jay: On the last album. Brett writes the lyrics so probably four or five of his girlfriends.

Adam: And like all the people that ever fucked with him. Every time we’ve got a good song its usually after a break up.

Morgan: What about the new album you’re working on? Anything good going on?

Jay: Same stuff to inspire us. It’s not gonna be the same album for sure. It’ll be a step in the right direction hopefully. But were gonna take a step. We’re gonna…

Adam: Elevate.

Jay: Yeah try to change the game a bit.

Morgan: Do you guys still get nervous before a show?

Jay: Yeah. Like I was nervous today.

Morgan: Why?

Jay: Early in the day. You’re not used to playing rock shows at 11:00 in the morning.

Morgan: Ya’ll had a good crowd though!

Adam: Yeah we were surprised. I was telling an interview over there that in Canada at 11:00 in the morning. Not a chance.

Morgan: But it’s not always a festival setting though. You guys had an awesome crowd though! They were singing an jamming with you.

Jay: And we thought yesterday at 1:00pm was early… but, it’s always worth it.


Morgan: Any fun stories from being on the road?

Adam: Our first ever tour, me and a couple of buddies had taken a short bus and converted it into a camper with bunks and stuff. So when we had to go on out first tour we didn’t have a vehicle so we figured we borrow that. So there are five of us crammed in there six actually. So we’re out on the road in the ’92 bus. Not the most reliable vehicle. And we made our way out west and were on our way back east and we made it to The Buffalo Trail and there’s nothing.  Nothing like two hours both ways. We broke down in the snack dab middle. So we had the bus towed to the closest shop. Some of the guys went a got a U Haul. In Canada the only thing that has a hitch for rent is a U Haul.

Jay: So it was two seats in the front and everyone else in the back. It was crazy.

Morgan: So speaking of being on the road. Are your fans here in American different from those back home in Canada?

Jay: I wouldn’t say so.

Adam: We are starting to get younger fans though. Now its starting back home more. Here we probably have more middle aged fans. Which is cool.

Morgan: Since we’re on the topic of fans. Is there any one thing that your fans don’t know about you?

Jay: Probably a lot of stuff.

Adam: I don’t like gum or toothpaste. I brush my teeth but, I don’t enjoy it. If I get toothpaste on my hand it grosses me out. Really bad!

Jay:I  can’t even brush my teeth in front of Brett.

Adam: Brett’s the same way. I’ve never met anyone in my life that’ the same way.

Jay: He wont even let me have a sip of his drink if I’ve been chewing gum that day. And I’m his brother!

Morgan: How would define success and what do you think has contributed most to your success?

Jay: I would say right now were successful in the way that were all happy and healthy and doing what we want. But, we would like to work towards keeping to build the audience. We hope to keep growing the business and getting bigger. Bigger shows. You’ve got to be hungry in anything you do.

Adam: That’s kind of the definition of success. Doing what you love and being happy.

Jay: Staying busy and always working for something more. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Adam: Definitely not settled with what we have now. We want more!

Morgan: Well there is absolutely nothing wrong with being hungry for more! I hope you guys get there! I know I’m looking forward to seeing where you guys go!  But Congrats on your success this far! You guys are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today!!

Check out “Heavy” on Youtube.

For more about From The Glorious Sons check out their website and be sure to grab a copy of their album “The Union”

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