Connection Fest: Interview with JB Brisendine from Brother Hawk

Connection Festival
Saturday July 23, 2016
Metropolitan Park
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Photo Credit: Bear Allison

With all of the insanity that is going on in our world today, we could all use a good dose of Brother Hawk! These Atlanta based rockers are redefining “Blues Rock” with authenticity and unique style that takes all things good to a new level. I got the opportunity to chat with vocalist, writer, and guitarist JB Brisedndine about all things “Big Medicine,” tour life and the fun stories that come along with it, and most importantly their appreciation and love of family and fans. Don’t worry! There’s no long wait for this “Big Medicine” to kick in, because they are bringing their love for music to Jacksonville as they take the stage at Connection Festival this Saturday!

Brother Hawk’s album “Big Medicine” has certainly been in the works for a long time and comes from all different ranges of inspiration, R & B included! But, after five years of playing shows, writing, and being a “DIY Band” they are breaking the mold in what is the general term “Rock.” Though JB told me writing was a necessity for the band, he also shared that he finds solace in writing lyrics. “I almost have to be in some kind of emotional state to get some lyrics out.  Typically, I will not be feeling well at all. I’ll be in a rut or in a bad place mentally and writing a song will bring me out of it.” Making the writing and creation process natural and full of emotion, while never settling for anything that didn’t work, was definitely the right call. The result is spectacular and genuine with a heartfelt spin that puts Brother Hawk in a category all their own.

“We redid 10 songs from our previous EP’s and brought up to where they are now to more represent where we are now as a band. You know something that we really felt was putting our best foot forward. That’s what “Big Medicine” is” – JB Brisendine

Not only have these guys hit the road with Blackberry Smoke, recently they have been touring the Southeast gaining fans and friends all over the nation who share their passion for music. This makes the hometown crowd even more special. When playing at home, they share the stage at their very own festival “Big Medicine Festival,” with family like JB’s father on the harmonica (who is also featured on the album in songs “Midnight in Tifton” and “Scarlet”) and friends like Stone Rider and Big Jesus. “We wanted to put together something that kind of highlights all that Atlanta has to offer as far as local acts as opposed to a place where you can hold a big festival.”

Though Connection Festival will be their first outdoor festival experience, there has been nothing dull about being on the road for these guys. They’ve played for huge sold out crowds in their hometown with family, performed on two cruise festivals, gained fans who follow them all throughout the country, and have even to witnessed three crazy fights all in one show at a club in Philly. We certainly hope the hot crowd will live up to their expectations!

Jacksonville Rock Lovers! Get your prescriptions of “Big Medicine” filled this Saturday at Connection Festival as we celebrate awesome music and forget all the crazy in the world for one day with the groundbreaking blues rockers Brother Hawk!

Thank you JB for taking the time to talk with me the other day! It was a pleasure and I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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