Bringin Only Good Vibes with Rebelution

By: Morgan Bates
St Augustine Amphitheater 6/23/16

Not only is no summer playlist is complete without at least one Rebelution song but, summer is most certainly not complete until Rebelution comes through your town! After seeing them more than a couple times now, I am NEVER disappointed nor do I have the ability to leave the show without being completely hoarse. The atmosphere is always tremendously light hearted and full of joy while Rebelution and their fans vibe together to create the best concert experience possible!

Unfortunately paying $10 a beer was not an option for my friends and I, so tailgating and listening to the opening acts from the parking lot was the way to go. As fans filed into the amphitheater, The Green + J Boog, Through The Roots, and Stickfigure were all fantastic, even from far away! I know Stick Figure’s biggest fan Cocoa the tour dog had to have been very happy with the turnout and the volume of the crowd!

When the time came, we walked into the amphitheater and snagged our seats and anxiously waited for the main event. The energy of the venue was peaceful and exciting all at the same time.  Everyone was friendly and there to just have a good time, listen to some amazing music ,and let all of their worries float away.

When Rebelution hit the stage the crowd roared with great excitement, beach balls were suddenly up in the air and all was ok with the world. They kicked off the show with one of my favorites “Attention Span” and the energy never died down even for a minute the remainder of the show! They mixed a few songs off of their new album “Falling into place” like “Inhale Exhale” and “Lay My Claim” with long time favorites like “Green Turn To Black,” “Roots Reggae Music,” “Good Vibes,” “Outta Control,” and “Bright Side of Life.” I don’t know how I didn’t tear up my vocal chords from singing so loud.

Rebelution has officially made my summer complete with nothing but good vibes, no voice, and no worries. Looking forward to seeing them again next year!

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