Sparks of Pop Originality with The New Electric

By: Morgan Bates
Photo Credit: Jeff Ojeda

My newfound love of The New Electric sparked on an early Saturday morning. The routine began in it’s usual way with a cup of Joe, a cooking show and checking emails. Little did I know, this Saturday had something more electrifying in mind. I noticed I had received an email introducing me to The New Electric. Peaked with curiosity, I instantly turned off the TV and went straight to Spotify to check them out. Before I knew it, over an hour had passed by before I realized I hadn’t taken a sip of my (now cold) coffee because I was too busy bouncing around the house bopping and singing along to their catchy pop and positive upbeat hits “Inside Out” and “Life’s What you Make It.” I couldn’t get enough of “Canada’s Best Kept Secret!”

After an hour long dance and sing-athon, and adding “Inside Out” to about four different playlists, I responded to the email hoping for the chance to meet and talk to these guys! About a week later, I received a call from lead singer and songwriter Kyle McKearney! Let me just tell you, it took so much energy not to fangirl all over the phone because I was so amped up to talk all things The New Electric! Kyle was so passionate and genuine as we discussed how writing his wedding vows became the song “Inside Out,” winning The International Songwriting Competition 2016, getting fans to help direct their incredibly fun and inspiring video for “Life’s What You Make It”, and the positive message of belonging that this band is all about.

Starting off the interview I had to tell him how much I loved and appreciated their songs “Life’s What You Make It” and “Inside Out” and wanted to know how they were created and if there was inspiration behind them. “I couldn’t help the song from happening.” Kyle tells me about writing the catchy love song “Inside Out,” “I wrote the song about a week before I got married and it was pretty much everything I wanted to say to my wife at our wedding so I just took it and used the chorus as my vows.” (Awww…) Not only had he captivated the heart of his now wife but, the song was so amazing that it actually turned out to be the winning song in The International Songwriting Competition 2016 out of about 20,000 song submissions!


When I asked Kyle to describe the vibes and energy at one of their shows, he tells me how much he and the guys of The New Electric love and appreciate their fans. “We wouldn’t be able to do this without our fans! Our shows are high energy and there’s a lot of crowd participation so that everyone has an amazing time dancing, singing, and waving lighters in the air.” Not only do they encourage participation at their shows, the band enlisted the help of their fans when making of their music video for “Life’s What You Make It.” Fans tweeted suggestions on how to live life to the fullest like “Polar bear dip in Lake Ontario” (which Indy did in spectacular footie pajama fashion), “Get a tattoo,” and “Perform a random act of kindness.” This unique collaboration resulted in an adventurous, inspirational, and fun video that is sure to motivate you to get out there and live it up!

Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean there aren’t any bumps on the road! They do whatever it takes to make it to the stage to spread their message and liveliness through their music! Even if that means traveling many hours to get to a show out of town, or rolling up to a gig “Red Carpet Style” in Uncle Dave’s work truck after the transmission literally falls out of the van. “We want everyone to feel like family and friends when they listen to our music. We want them to feel like they belong and that they have a place in this world. That they can be themselves and not be afraid or have to worry. That’s what we’re all about. A lot of songs reflect that message and is a big part of who we are.”

Add a dash of joyful and inspirational flavor to your Saturday cup of Joe, forget the humdrum of boring chores and jump up with an extra bounce in your step, and a fuller heart with The New Electric! Not only will they shake things up from the old repetitive music routine to a new, encouraging, and cheerful way to spend your days and living life to the fullest!

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