Wheeler Walker Jr: You Can’t Censor This Outlaw

Phone Interview Wheeler Walker Jr.
Tuesday 9/20/16
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Photo credit: Thirty Tigers

There will be no censoring true outlaw country as long as Wheeler Walker Jr’s boots are digging into the dirt of this world. At the end of his rope, Wheeler took matters into his own hands by self-funding his album “Redneck Shit” with the goal of TRUE outlaw country reaching people who appreciate truth about topics others are unwilling to touch in today’s pop version of country music. In order to do this he aligned himself with Nashville’s best producer Dave Cobb. So grab a beer with this uncensored bandit September 20th as he takes the stage at Jackrabbits! After speaking to Wheeler myself, there is no way I will be missing this show and I encourage all of you to join me!

After today’s pop country music (which now includes Chewbacca Mom.. don’t get him started on that!) took a long slide down a garbage shoot, Wheeler Walker Jr. emptied his wallet and teamed up with Dave Cobb to create one last album before calling it quits. He went “all in” and enjoyed the creation process as he took his experiences with relationships and life to craft songs like hit “Fuck You Bitch.” After all that hard work Wheeler tells me “Dave & I were listening and we were just like this is really fuckin’ good. It’s a bummer no one is gonna hear it. Then, when I really think about it, it’s my life, and it’s up to me. Big label, small label whatever I do, it’s a good record and If I bust my ass, get it to the right people and go play shows it’ll all work out.”

Sometimes when you go “all in” the rewards can be substantial and in Wheeler’s case, it was huge! Beating out some of the “big dogs” in country by reaching #9 on the billboard charts the first week his album was out which happened to be Grammy week is incredible! I know you must be thinking.. How did he do it?! Wheeler Walker Jr. took the road less traveled by, releasing his album on PornHub and promoting on podcasts like Joe Rogan. In doing this, he reached audiences that actually appreciated his “Unfathomably obscene and undeniably offensive” music and have a Kentucky bourbon or beer with him at his shows. He tells me in his own words “Because its 2016 and they won’t play my shit on the radio anyway, you have to get creative and take out of the box approaches. It turned out better that way because we reached more people and people that would actually like my music. I found a different avenue that will play serious outlaw country and did all the shit that other people just won’t do. It wasn’t the plan but I’m glad I did it this way because I’m not dealin’ with a bunch of assholes.”

Gather your crew, put on your boots, and get your ass to Jackrabbits September 20th as this one of a kind poet of our time, Wheeler Walker Jr encourages us to go big or go home, speak our minds, and most importantly let loose and have a good time!


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For more information about where you can purchase “Redneck Shit” and tour information check out his website www.wheelerwalkerjr.com

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