My #DOGDAYS September VNYL Subscription Review

By: Morgan Bates

If any of you music lovers are like me looking for next big thing in music or just something new to listen to, VNYL is the subscription box for you! I know what you’re thinking.. subscription boxes are just a trend. They have become very popular over the past couple of years and most lack excitement after a while or send you products you weren’t exactly expecting or wanting. Trust me, I have tried a couple and left after a couple of months but, as a new record collector I have no doubts in my mind that VYNL will be the most exciting thing I receive in the mail each month!

This is the coolest subscription for record collectors both new and old. Once you sign up and complete your member profile including what records you already have in your collection, links to your social media and online music subscriptions like Spotify and SoundCloud, and most importantly your likes and dislikes in music. This gives VYNL curators a good idea as to what you are looking for in your collection and allows them to make the best possible selections for your personal taste and one of a kind subscription.

After your profile is complete, each month you select a #VIBE in which curators will choose records based on along with your profile. This is where you sense of adventure comes into play. I personally like the idea of being surprised when your box arrives on your doorstep. However, they do have the options for a box with a little less mystery. For my September #VIBE I chose #DOGDAYS. I’ve been feeling slightly blue lately so it felt like the perfect choice! Not only did I get three unique albums perfect for pulling me out of my slump, but also receive a note from the curator who picked these albums for me! I just thought that was an endearing personal touch.img_20160914_074345

I’m sure you’re asking.. So, what records did you get?! The first album I received was The Dark Of The Morning EP by James Bay ($12.99) – I won’t lie, I have been secretly wanting to jump on the James Bay train and now that I have, I will never be getting off! My curator was dead on. This acoustic album was charming, poetic, and melodically soothing. The next album selected to pull me from my funk was “Time To Die” by The Dodo’s ($14.68 on Amazon) with its pretty melodies and a more pop vibe. Lastly, retro and 80’s influenced album Alix by Generationals ($14.99 on Amazon.) The songs are quirky, catchy and upbeat helping me to move past the #DOGDAYS.

I have subscribed to a couple subscription boxes but none have met or exceeded my expectations like VYNL! What will you get when you subscribe to VNYL?!

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