Album Review of B.R.A.V.E by Retro Youth

Retro Youth
B.R.A.V.E Album Review
Independent Ear Records
Released 2/3/17
By: Morgan Bates

Our story begins about a year ago with a simple friend request on Facebook. Drummer Alan Martin reached out in hopes of spreading the word about his band Retro Youth. Intrigued, I went to the band’s page to find out more and came across their cover video of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. The video setting was simple, just lead singer Kris J Davis & guitarist Robin Burberry sitting on stools in an empty room. As soon as I hit play, a velvety voice combined with beautiful acoustic melody played through my speakers. I was so impressed! Needing to know more, I took to YouTube and Spotify and listened to every Retro Youth song I could find! That was the day my appreciation for Retro Youth was founded. Which brings us to today, the album we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! This band of refreshing, clever, expressive, and musical renegades have released their debut album B.R.A.V.E!

B.R.A.V.E is the perfect title for this courageous trio’s debut album. It’s Brilliant, Refreshing, Anthem-worthy, Victorious, and Edgy. Together with producer by Lee Batiuk and by Kris Crummett this dream team created an album so seamless there isn’t a single moment that encourages a skip. Daringly combining sounds of indie, rock, funk, pop, and even some R&B with heartwarming and enriching lyrics is what makes this album irresistible.


The album in its entirety has so MANY moments that make it sparkle. There is remarkable vocal range and hitting high notes that make your heart skip a beat, killer guitar riffs and solos (especially in “Let It Burn,”) and the beats that keep you moving and tapping your toes in sync with the sound. Let’s break down some of the favorites shall we?! The album kicks us off with “The Lost and Found,” an uplifting anthem for the outcast in all of us as we search for place and purpose in this world. We then transition into the catchy, fun, and upbeat “Hometown Homesick” and later reach the fast paced “Bruises” that will send a surge of energy through you getting you pumped and ready to take on anything that the world may throw at you. Plus, there are so many other great tunes like “Lips for Leaders,” “Love. The Monster,” “Smile” and “Long Time Coming.”

As I listen to this album, I am taken back to that first day I received Alan’s friend request and the moment Retro Youth became a permanent playlist staple. B.R.A.V.E is impeccable proof that their hard work has truly paid off. They should be incredibly proud of this achievement. I know I am proud to say that I will forever be a fan! These guys are the real deal with a future so bright we’ll all need sunscreen!

For more information about Retro Youth check out their website & follow them on social media!
Twitter & Instagram: @retroyouthband
B.R.A.V.E available on Spotify, Amazon & iTunes

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