Bad Suns: An Interview with Chris Bowman

By: Morgan Bates
Jack Rabbits 3/14/17

Christo Bowman – Vocals, Guitar
Gavin Bennett – Bass, Vocals
Miles Morris – Drums
Ray Libby – Guitar, Vocals

We’ve all heard the catchy and upbeat number 1 hit “Cardiac Arrest” by Bad Suns but, this band has many more tricks and talent up their sleeves. They have grown substantially since their first big hit with energy just as enthusiastic and feeling more confident than ever, the Bad Suns are hitting to road on their Heartbreaker Tour and making a stop at Jack Rabbits tonight! I got the opportunity to have a quick chat with front man Chris Bowman about what all the fans can expect from this sold out show, their newest album “Disappear Here,” writing and creating new songs of their own, and life on the road!

Tonight Jacksonville’s Bad Suns fans are eagerly looking forward to the energetic experience at local venue Jack Rabbits. When speaking about what we can expect at this sold out show, Chris tells me “We spend so much time making the album that we don’t get as much face time with fans so, we don’t take these moments for granted. It’s gonna be packed, a lot of fun, and a night to remember!” With the show having been sold out for some time now, I was curious if he still gets nervous before a show and Chris described his pre-show jitters as “Nerves and excitement teeters on that fine line where the two emotions can get confused. But, its like that before every show and we get really excited and have such a fun time doing what we do!”

“The Heartbreaker Tour coincides with the second single from the album and is all about pushing forward.” – Chris Bowman

When it comes to comparing sophomore album “Disappear Here” to their debut album “Language and Perspective” Chris says, “We were a new band and starting something new while trying to find our sound. With the second one and after touring and unexpected things happening, the experiences were really cool and boosted our confidence and I think that’s what this album is really about, gaining our confidence.” With songs like album title “Disappear Here,” “Off She Goes,” and my personal favorite “Love Like Revenge” this album shows a sense of maturity in emotion and a more assured sound.

When creating “Disappear Here” the guys shaped the perspective of songs by pulling from personal experiences, lessons learned, and from people they know and what they’ve been through. Chris tells me “Being transparent and using personal emotions and opinions can leave you feeling  vulnerable and uncomfortable. But, by focusing on subject matter and also separating myself from time to time gives you a sense of freedom. I think given the opportunity to dress up and write in character will still surprise even me sometimes. When I realize which parts of a song are me and what parts are someone else, sometimes you don’t realize you’re feeling that way.” Which makes sense as many music lover use music as an escape or to help them get through a difficult time or to even as a reminder of a better time. Either way when emotions run high and it’s easier to put all of your feelings into music and somewhat remove yourself.

With a fresh perspective and wisdom from previous experiences, the Bad Suns are taking their new found confidence and sharing their love for what they do on this year’s Heartbreaker Tour. Living on the road, continuing to create and grow, and getting some much appreciated face time with fans are experiences that the members of Bad Suns will never take for granted. So be there front and center as the room fills up and energy surges through the crowd tonight as Bad Suns make a grand and memorable stop at Jacksonville’s Jack Rabbits!

For more information about Bad Suns & to get a copy of “Disappear Here” Check them out on social media, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud!


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