From Handwritten Messages to Letterbox: An Interview with Marie Miller

Marie Miller “Letterbox”
Release Date: April 28th
Curb Records
Photo Credit: Sarah Barlow

In a world where technology rules the day, receiving a handwritten letter is quite rare. But, once you tear through the top of that envelope emotions flow from your fingertips to your beating heart. With this in mind and using her love of handwritten messages, Marie Miller combined her love for music, passion for storytelling, and personal experiences to craft her new album “Letterbox” out tomorrow April 28th. When talking with Marie about Letterbox, having grown up in the music industry, and even performing for the Pope her excitement and gratitude for what she does and creates was undeniable and infectious.


Having been songwriter for most of her life, Miller speaks about Letterbox with pride as the album was inspired by the letters she continues to write, the love for the drama of famous love story in literature, and her own personal emotions and lessons learned.  As the songs like Marie’s personal favorite “Glitter Gold,” “Boardwalk,” “Lost At Sea,”and my personal favorite “Angeline” play, her experiences and stories are brought to life with the through beautifully written lyrics while string instruments and bubbly melodies express her emotional journey to freedom and maturity that any woman in her twenties can relate to.

Her dream of making her mark in the music industry started at a young age. While, being a teenager is already awkward enough, the non-stop being told what to do and not so constructive criticism took a discouraging toll on Marie. Deciding to pressing pause and take a short break to go to school and continue to practice and write without the constant haze of judgement gave her feeling of freedom to be herself and grow. Today Marie is back on top as a unique songwriter and musician radiating confidence, speaking her mind, feeling gracious, and manifesting a style all her own on an album worthy of great success.

“Appreciation and encouragement is rare in this world but, to me is very precious.”

There isn’t any musician I know of whose career didn’t come with its own set of obstacles. But, even with those obstacles there is always one thing that brings them back to the reason they started to dream big in the first place. For Miller, that one thing is performing as she describes the feeling as home. Whether she is performing for friends and family, in a singing competition, or even for the Pope and over 750,000 viewers she tells me the experience is indescribable and incredible as all of her family (NINE siblings to be exact) and friends always show her great support and love which is something she will never take for granted.

“The best way to describe what performing feels like is home.”

Miller with the help of producers Eric Ross and Chad Capelin, has crafted an album reflective of her journey about all that she has learned about herself and the world around her in her twenties, words that are easier written than said aloud, and showing gratitude for those who have seen her through it all.  In this era where technology has taken over, Marie Miller’s “Letterbox” is a delightful collection of songs that remind us of the powerful and emotional influence that pen and paper still hold.

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