In Full Bloom: Badflower At Welcome To Rockville

By: Morgan Bates
Welcome to Rockville
Metropolitan Park
Saturday 4/29/17

Meet the band: Josh Katz [vocals & guitar] Anthony Sonetti [drums] Joseph Morrow [lead guitar] Alex Espiritu [bass]

As a child, I remember looking forward to tales Mom and Nana would tell me about magical creatures and princesses in towers. Sadly, as time went on most stories just didn’t have the same pull on my heart strings and affect on my imagination as they did before. A few months ago, I discovered Badflower. They were a band with the power to enchant as you were put into a trance by the depth of their lyrics and their one-of-a-kind sound. When I got the chance to get the full Badflower experience at this year’s Welcome To Rockville, I knew I must’ve had a musical fairy godmother looking out for me!

“We don’t really identify as a rock band, even though people seem to see us and categorize us that way.” – Josh Katz

Badflower’s first big EP release “Temper” does more than satisfy our fix while we anxiously await a full length album. When I asked how these guys created this cohesive and epic Banger! Katz tells me it was the drive to stay true to themselves along with “standing our ground and not letting anyone change or control us.” With this mentality, they recorded Temper in its entirety in their garage. When the time came to sign with the label, tracks including “Heroin” “Animal” & “Let The Band Play” were all ready for release and a worthy expression of themselves.

Curiosity fueled my interest of what inspired such deep and expressive lyrics. Katz tells me “Everyone and everything is inspiration. We’re constantly changing as people and musicians and artists. Every person we meet and every interaction we have changes us in someway that shapes the way that we sound.” From the one vicious human being that haunts us, to the sorrow of heartbreak, and the moments we all feel slightly out of place, there is no shortage of experience or inspiration that goes into the art of storytelling through Badflower songs.

Concerts and experiencing your favorite music live enriches the soul and the Badflower experience is no exception. There wasn’t a single person in the crowd standing still or unenthusiastic as they captivated everyone with pure energy! Their charisma was contagious as they filled the atmosphere with their innovative melodies and marvelous rhythm, leaving an undeniably great impression. Alex even gave a fan in the crowd his pick! “He got a good pick too. I’ve never played a wrong note with it!”

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Though the tales we loved from childhood still hold a special place in our hearts. Badflower is changing our view on the stories of today. They are lifting the heaviness of our emotions through the combination of enchanting storytelling, and the powerful influence of music. The experience will transport you to a place in your heart you may have never even knew existed and will forever change you in better ways than you could have ever imagined. So let the band play!

For more information about Badflower, check out their website & follow them on social media!
Twitter: @Badflower
Instagram: @badflowermusic

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