Rock & Roll Lives On with Goodbye June at Welcome To Rockville

Welcome to Rockville
Metropolitan Park

Meet Goodbye June! Landon Milbourn [vocals], Brandon Qualkenbush [rhythm guitar & backing vocals], and Tyler Baker [lead guitar]

I don’t know who said real rock and roll was dead but, Goodbye June is an incredible testament that whoever it was couldn’t have been more wrong! These guys have an astounding energy that surrounds them on & off stage. I can’t believe I almost missed the chance to get to chat with these down to earth, southern rock & rollers about growing up together and getting their start, their new album “Magic Valley” and their spectacular set at Welcome To Rockville!

First cousins and friends Brandon, Tyler, and Landon grew up together and always shared a great appreciation for music. They have shared a lot between great times of laughter and late night pranks (that included air horns and gargoyle masks) and times of great sadness and grief. All of this combined took their lives down a road they would have never imagined. They stuck it all out together by exploring and creating their sound. Pulling inspiration from some of the greats like Aerosmith, The Beatles, & Led Zeppelin,they have mastered a seamless sound they call “Gritty, Dirty, Emotional Rock & Roll.”

When asking them to describe their first major release “Magic Valley” the conversation grew with great excitement. Brandon tells me “It’s been a long time coming but, we’ve been excited and waiting to share this album with the world!” Celebrating all of the good that real rock & roll has to offer is something these guys take great pride in. My personal favorite song on the album is “Darlin,” a song Landon describes as “more of a honest moment that turned into a song that everyone can relate to because everyone goes through heart break.” Other awesome tracks include “Oh No,” “Daisy,” & ” Bamboozler.” “Magic Valley” has an album full of wonder that will bring good tunes to any vibe. Whether it be the end of a long day or at a party with good times, great friends and drunken shenanigans!

These guys are not only so fun to talk to, but amazing entertainers! It’s not every show I go to that guys on the shoulders of their friends are stripping down from the heat of the day! Landon laughs about joking about it on stage “I’ve never told an entire crowd (guys included) to take their shirts off. I guess there’s a first time for everything! Maybe, the last time. Ok, maybe one more time!” Needless to say, their set was a crazy good time! The crowd was living it up and loving every second and every song.

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Real rock & roll was never dead! It was just waiting for a band worthy of the genre. Goodbye June has met every golden rock expectations as they showing us they can do it all, that it’s ok to rock hard and take it slow, and remain humble while living life to the fullest as a rockstar!

For more information about Goodbye June, check out their website & follow them on social media! Be sure to get your copy of “Magic Valley” out now!
Twitter: @GoodbyeJune

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