Open The Gates & Get Up with Cover Your Tracks at Welcome To Rockville

By: Morgan Bates
Welcome to Rockville
Interview with Paul Rose of Cover Your Tracks

Meet The Band: Paul Rose[vocals], Omar Magana [guitar], Cory Ferris [bass] and Brent Guistwite [drums]

It doesn’t matter how early a show starts or how late the gates open, Cover Your Tracks will be there to lift you up, get you moving, and reel you in! The crowd was eating right out of their hands and moshing as they got our Sunday at Welcome to Rockville started off right! I got the chance to chat with lead singer Paul Rose later on that day about where it all began for Cover Your Tracks, their debit album Fever Dream, and the excitement and challenges of tour life.

The Atlanta based band Cover Your Tracks is the musical creation that arose from the love for music that remained after the crumbling of bands past. Rather than separately letting their dreams turn to ash, together these phoenixes decided to focus on the lessons learned and the positive things that came from previous disappointment. After discovering their great chemistry, the journey of creating a name for themselves in music began as they hit the studio to record what would become their stellar debut album “Fever Dream.” Paul tells me it was all worth it as “We really like and are very proud of our product and what all we’ve overcome.”

Each song on the album “Fever Dream” brings a different story, emotion, and energy to the table. “We wanted to show our versatility as a band and use that to tell a bigger story about the lowest lows & highest highs.” Derived from all the experiences endured, these stories were morphed into songs like “Cages,” “Spin The Bottle,” and “Striking Matches” which became a unique collection showcasing their resiliency, voice and story while sharing an outlet of emotion that will keep you hitting play over and over again.

“I believe rock n roll is all about encouragement and inspiration and an understanding that we all go through tough times and good times. I love the positive message that rock n roll brings and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.”

-Paul Rose

Hitting the road to share what you love to do with the world does not come without it’s own kind of ridiculousness and . Though each challenge is different from missing home to spending most time traveling, the magic is not lost on Paul. “Everything about tour life is fun and ridiculous, and tough but amazing. Performing is the pinnacle of everything I love to do. I love the challenge.” The love for performing certainly showed as the guys went “balls to the wall” as they fueled the rock fire and moved the crowd from standing still to going crazy in the pit!

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Nothing will hold back the resilient, passionate, and talented creators that are Cover Your Tracks from sharing what music is all about.  The fans gained at Welcome To Rockville will be anxiously wait our next chance to get moving and moshing at one of their high energy shows. In the meantime, ‘Fever Dream” will continue to lift us up from the lows that are constantly testing us and remind us to celebrate the highs that make life worth living.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes Cover Your Tracks!

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