Taking The Journey For The Music We Crave

Lately, my schedule consists of the non-stop chaos between school, work, and attempts at maintaining a social life. Sometimes all I want to do is press the pause button to escape the hectic schedule for a while. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to take a long drive and listen to music to clear my mind. But, what if the journey of that long drive could not only ease stress but, lead to you a concert so fun and refreshing with wonderful people and AMAZING music?! When I heard Badflower & Goodbye June were going to be playing a show at the notorious The Masquerade in Atlanta, the timing was incredibly perfect! I packed up my camera, gassed up the car, and hit the road ready to leave all of my stress on the pavement and rock out with Badflower and Goodbye June!

On the road, when GPS wasn’t rerouting me through yet another traffic jam, my excitement to get to my musical destination amplified. I thought about about my experience with Badflower & Goodbye June at Welcome To Rockville in April. Of course I dove in prior to the festival to check them out and I was instantly hooked and more than excited to get to chat with them! Conversation with Josh, Joey, Alex, and Anthony of Badflower and Brandon, Tyler and Landon of Goodbye June was effortless. Everyone is so down to earth, fun, and passionate about the love for what they do and sharing their music with their fans.

When I had finally made it to The Masquerade, it turned out that I wasn’t the only one who had traveled to indulge in the Goodbye June and Badflower experience! There were fans from Tennessee, Alabama, and some of Badflower’s friends traveled all the way from home in California to surprise them! What an incredible gesture that goes to show that great music and good people are always worth making the trip for!

It was showtime and Badflower was up first! They mesmerized us as they played lyrically genius tracks off their EP Temper like “Heroin,” “Animal,” “Drop Dead” and personal favorite “Let The Band Play.” They included songs “The Jester” and “Mother Mary” in the set which we will hopefully hear on an future full length album! Fingers crossed! Looking around the room at any point during the set, everyone was really into it! You could feel the high energy between band and fans. As each song played and story told, we were drawn in more with each of Josh’s enchanting lyrics, the intensity of Alex’s bass and dance moves, Joey’s incredible guitar riffs, and each hit of Anthony’s drum. One fan was so into it he jumped up onto the stage to just be a part of the moment. It was such an incredible set!

Now it was time for some Rock N Roll with Goodbye June. Hair flew and flipped during songs like “Daisy” and “Oh No,” guitars wailed to “Man Of The Moment,” heartstrings were tugged during “Darlin’,” and beers were raised for “Liberty Mother” which was recently featured in a Budweiser commercial. No one stood still for a single second. If they weren’t jumping, they were dancing and totally rocking out! I heard a couple of fans attempting to hit some of those high notes with Landon.. it was awesome! Brandon was a total rock star and Tyler even let a fan pluck a couple guitar strings! The interaction between the crowd and band was so fun to be a part of!

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At the end of the night after these amazing sets, the guys hung around to talk with and thank everyone who came to the show. Everyone was still buzzing and smiling from the show while the guys sold merch, took pictures and signed set lists. I was even talking with one of the staff members and asked me “Who are these guys and how are they so great?! We’ve never had music like this here. We want more.” I told him I couldn’t agree more. They’re fantastic!

No distance will keep us from the music we crave. It is only a small price to pay for the music and good-hearted people that enhance and enrich our lives. Goodbye June and Badflower are indisputable proof of this. I started this journey with way too much on my mind and came back to the hectic nature of the “real world” feeling refreshed, clear-headed and genuinely happy. The future is so incredibly bright and I’m sure there is so much more in store for these bands! Stay Awesome!

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