Getting Down, Moving Forward & Letting Loose With Less Than Jake!

Interview with Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake
By: Morgan Bates
Featured photo by: Jodie Cunningham
Less Than Jake at Mavericks 2/12/18
With Four Year Strong, Direct Hit, & Bearings
Tickets Still Available!!!

Ska-Punk legends Less Than Jake are hitting the stage tonight at Mavericks and bringing some seriously great tunes, electrifying energy, and good times to Jacksonville! After chatting with drummer Vinnie Fiorello about what it takes to remain a band for 25 years, their most recent EP “Sound The Alarm,” and what to expect out of a live Less Than Jake experience, I am ready to let loose and have a great time! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun! Grab your tickets and get out to The Landing for an adventure you won’t soon forget!


As a band, Less Than Jake have been touring, writing, and keeping things fresh for 25 years. Which is certainly no small task. They have been there for the fans from the start of the ska-pop-punk genre to today’s now constant streaming and forever changing world of music. Less Than Jake is a fantastic example that brave experimentation, being opinionated, and passion driven love for what you do and what you create can be quite rewarding. Staying inspired to push forward and continue writing, and conveying their musical messages comes easily in the creative process as Vinnie tells me “There is so much more to say and we refuse to freeze ourselves in the past or in the shadow of one single album.”

Bleeding together genres while tackling dark subject matter incorporated with the light feel of upbeat melody is one of the many ways Less Than Jake not sets them apart from many other bands. Their newest EP “Sound The Alarm,” is the epitome of who they are as a band as they combine life experiences along with a clear vision of moving forward, and no limits to one specific sound. Songs on the EP include “Bomb Drop,” “Whatever The Weather,” and “Things Change” proving that it’s nothing but full speed ahead for Less Than Jake!

They are not stopping at just creating and writing more music. Less Than Jake is hitting the road and spreading the good vibes and excitement of the live musical experience with their tremendous following of fans both steadfast and new. Though being on the road can be exhausting it’s well worth the long hours traveling between shows. Engaging and connecting with their fans through music is an adventure that they will never take for granted.

“All we want at our shows is good energy and fun times. We want everyone to leave the show with more energy and we love knowing that everyone had a good time. That is what Less Than Jake is all about!” – Vinnie Fiorello

“Sound The Alarm,” gather up your crew and get to Mavericks at The Landing to be a part of the one-of-a-kind Less Than Jake experience! There are good times to be had and awesome music to get down to. Grab your tickets and let’s all let loose!

For more information about Less Than Jake:
Snapchat: thelessthanjake

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