Underoath – Welcome To Rockville

Welcome To Rockville
Interview with Spencer Chamberlain
April 27th
Monster Energy Stage

It the heat of it all, Underoath killed it on the Monster stage at this year’s Welcome to Rockville! Boldly wearing a leather jacket in the Jacksonville crazy heat microphones swung, fans screamed, and Underoath left a fresh mark with a set and comeback on the heavy rock scene that fans had been anxiously waiting for!

As a new fan, I was extremely excited to chat with lead singer and leather rocking Spencer Chamberlin. We talked about growth and putting the pieces of Underoath back together, their comeback album “Erase Me,” and the wonder of music still continuing to evolve.

Previously being more of a faith based band if all fine and good until it begins to get in the way of the communication that once kept the group so close and once that communication is gone the band will inevitably begin to fall apart. Though it is upsetting that Underoath went through such a separation, their hiatus gave them a chance to recharge and remember that people grow and change throughout life experiences. “It’s not really fair to try to keep people accountable to constantly be the same thing. As a friend to anyone I would never force them to believe a certain thing, lean one way politically, or judge sexual orientation. That’s not for us to put on other people. It’s for you to decide to be your own person and make your own choices.”

Thankfully after these realizations and an upcoming album anniversary, the guys were lucky enough to be able to pick up the pieces that was Underoath. Though most of the band kept playing music separately for three and a half years, they decided to play a show to celebrate the anniversary which then turned into a tour that then turned into a world tour, which turned into making their newest smash record “Erase Me.”

As we began to talk their much awaited eighth album “Erase Me” Spencer reveals he was relieved that not only the album came out a great success but, that it even came out at all! “It’s an honest record something we thought we’d never get to make again as Underoath. I didn’t think or even know if the was even going to come out because I didn’t know if the band was going to even want to do it or if we would just fall apart. But when we starting writing, I though this might be my last chance.” With songs like “Rapture” and “With My Teeth” Underoath lyrically put it all out there keeping the album transparent, bold, and deep.

Most of us have heard the recent announcement that Vans Warped Tour after 23 years running, is making it’s final run this year. Since I personally am sad about this news and Underoath is making an appearance on a few stops this summer, I had to ask how Spencer felt about the run as they are on the lineup for three shows this year. Most people I have talked to about it have said that they were heartbroken over the annoumcment but, Spencer’s response took me by pleasant surprise. “No I think music changes all of the time. The fact that Underoath and the used is on the same stage as Ozzy Osbourne and five finger death punch. It shows that acceptance in rock n roll and heavy music is still happening. It’s just not going to be at warped tour. I think that maybe it just got too watered down. It was always about a bunch of bands you never see together the audience accepting each other and bands accepting each other and learning from each other and somewhere in time that began to change. Music is always evolving and changing and you cant be afraid of it music is constantly moving and shifting and I thinks its ok.”

Having risen from the ashes of what used to be, Spencer and the guys of Underoath have boldly and honorably picked up the pieces and are taking the music world by storm with their refreshing display of growth and transparency leading to their impactful album “Erase Me” and a much awaited No Fix Tour!

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