In the Present with Everclear: An Interview with Art Alexakis

Everclear, Marcy Playground, & Local H
Mavericks at The Landing
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Doors: 7:30pm
Photo credit: Paul Brown

Most of us who grew up as 90’s kids remember the ultimate alternative rock band Everclear for their iconic songs like “Father of Mine,” “Santa Monica,” and “Everything To Everyone.” These songs provide nearly all of us with a feeling of nostalgia, sending us back in time to the days of posters on our bedroom walls and ultimate jam sessions that had our parents screaming for us to turn the music down. When talking with Art Alexakis before Everclear’s show at Mavericks this Friday May 25th with Marcy Playground and Local H, he said something that shook me up since I had a throwback mindset. “There’s nothing wrong with a good dose of nostalgia but you also have to keep an eye out for the moment here and now.” This sent our chat about their show in an enlightening direction about music today, being authentic, and being in the present.

Everclear has unquestionably left their mark in rock history by captivating longtime fans while steadily picking up some new millennial fans. This isn’t entirely shocking but, does tend to surprise Art from time to time. He describes his bewilderment like this “I have no idea where in the hell these kids came from! We’re a bunch of crunchy old alternative rockers from the 90’s but I think a lot of the kids and listeners these days are getting frustrated with the way contemporary music is and then turn to what’s real. Rock.” On this he does have a very good point. Even though I cringe when grouped in the millennial generation, I do want more out of music. I want true musicians playing real instruments, less auto tune, and a genuine connection. Art supports this idea of keeping music genuine by explaining “With Marcy Playgound, Everclear, and Local H, there’s no auto tune. It’s live without a net. That is what keeps it exciting for me and I’m sure a lot of other people.”

Staying authentic and keeping music relatable and with connection is a priority to Art and Everclear. As a man of action, he is sticking it to the world of singles and streaming by taking matters into his own hands. He is currently in the studio working tirelessly and enthusiastically on a bona fide solo rock album. “It’s definitely tough. You put your whole life and so much energy into it. It’s the attention to detail and all of the time, effort, and work you put into every instrument and lyric that makes it a big deal.” He explains he wants this album to come across as Rock N Roll, old school, scratchy, funky, and gritty. But, most importantly with no rules, no limits, and nothing holding him back. I know I am absolutely looking forward to hearing and experiencing this labor of love coming fall of this year.

Remaining authentic while constantly adapting to the digital age of music doesn’t mean that we can’t still get stuck in the past or as Art describes it become “victims of past successes.” Rather than taking shelter in the shadow of the past, Art and Everclear are all about celebrating the here and now by being consistently present. They are not only present and honest in music but, in their day-to-day lives. “Be present and you’d be amazed on how redeeming life can be and how much you can really get out of life. In the end, it becomes easier because you don’t have to keep up with lies or bullshit or procrastination.” A mentality and work ethic like this is what I believe keeps the guys of Everclear a constant staple in music today.

This interview with Art Alexakis was mind altering and uplifting. We learned to embrace the present, be undeniably genuine and yourself, and to stroll down memory lane from time to time without losing who you are now. Snag your ticket to the Summerland Tour featuring Everclear, Marcy Playground, and Local H at Mavericks May 25th and let’s rock out together as loud as we want with no parents there to tell us to turn it down!

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