A Honest Rock N Roll Connection: An Interview With Landon Milbourn of Goodbye June

It is no secret that when I fall for a band, I fall hard. It was no surprise that after discovering Goodbye June’s refreshing Rock N Roll sound at 2017’s Welcome To Rockville, their earnest lyrics, exuberant energy, and story had an intense pull on my heart. So when I heard their new EP “Secrets In The Sunset” was to be released this Friday October 26th, I shamelessly jumped at the chance to get my hands on it and catch up with Landon Milbourn to get the scoop on the new masterpiece! Over the phone Landon and I buzzed about the EP, Touring Europe with Greta Van Fleet this fall, and the lasting mark Goodbye June continues to leave on Rock N Roll!

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Personally, my favorite way to listen to a new album and connect to the music is while driving. I am someone who truly enjoys the time driving allows me to clear my mind. I mean, what better way to open yourself up to a therapeutic new music experience?! During this particular ride, I had been struggling with a lot on my mind between the stresses at work, eagerness to make my family proud, and aspirations and big changes coming to sculpt my future. The time had never been more right to start the car and embark on a musical adventure. I took a deep breath, opened my sunroof, and pressed play. As the first single “Live In The Now” blasted through my speakers, I was serenaded with lyrics that spoke of leaving the past in the past and being aware of the moment you are living right then and there. This was exactly what I needed to hear and more importantly needed to feel. Not only was the car bursting with stunning guitar riffs and dynamic words of wisdom, but an all-consuming emotional connection to the song.


The guys of Goodbye June are no strangers to the obstacles of the crazy course we call life. For this reason, I knew there had to be meaningful substance behind this song that struck me so. Landon describes living in the now it as “Life isn’t simple. But to me, living in the now means being in the present in what’s happening in the moment. It’s embracing and interacting in those moments. I really want to apply this to my everyday life. And when we went to write this song with Bobby Huff, we had the music kind of mapped out and were talking lyric ideas and about how you’ve got to be aware and have got to live in the now. And we’re like, That’s it! We went for it because it sparked all of the fires and we were all so passionate about it.”

Though “Live In The Now” is my obvious favorite, the entire EP is phenomenal! These powerful tracks continued to blow me away on the open road with “Joan & Dylan,” “Get Happy,” “Blindly Follow Blindly,” and the rockin’ title track “Secrets In The Sunset.” Landon “It was the first of the 5 songs that we wrote. We met up with producer Bobby Huff. We’ve never worked with him before but had heard of him and had a few friends that had worked with him. It turned out so good and we loved it. So we decided to keep working with him and ended up writing two more songs with him (Blindly Follow Blindly and Live In The Now) and he mixed all of the tracks. So there is a real cohesiveness between all of the songs. It was a fun process over the course of about 6 months overall. With small pockets of recording but mostly writing. It was a really fun process.”

Speaking of fun, we began talking about getting ready to head to Europe to tour with friends and fellow Rock N Rollers Greta Van Fleet! As a fan of both bands this is a divine match made in Rock N Roll heaven. And I am not the only one who feels this way. When I recently sat down with Sam of Greta Van Fleet after their set at this year’s Welcome to Rockville, we got onto the topic of Goodbye June and shared stories and memories how awesome these guys are. Of course when talking with Landon, I had to tell him all about it. “The feeling is mutual! They’re great and doing some really cool stuff. We started playing with them about a year and a half ago and we bonded immediately and have been playing shows together whenever we can. We love these guys so we’re super stoked about going on tour together. It’s gonna be a great live rock show!” Obviously, I wish we were all able to board a plane and head over to Europe to make it to a show ion this tour but, hopefully the guys will be playing some more shows in the States next year!

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While those of us on this side of the pond anxiously await the next show, we have an incredible EP to keep our inner rock spirits up. Goodbye June is constantly pushing the limits, exceeding all expectations, and leaving a significant mark of the rebirth of genuine, hard hitting Rock N Roll. They have unquestionably left a lasting impression on me and my taste in music. From the moment our paths first crossed, I knew that these guys were no “Average Joes” simply trying to restore Rock N Roll. They are really onto something original, stimulating, and honest. “I hope we impact the younger generation and help them to love and appreciate Rock N Roll like previous generations because sadly, it has died out a little bit. But, I think it’s coming back and I think kids that have never heard real Rock N Roll before love it and find it refreshing. Overall we just want to make an impact on people and make you feel something.” There is not a doubt in my mind that Landon, Brandon, and Tyler are well on their way to leave an unforgettable impact on music lovers all over the world.

Goodbye June has so many reasons to be proud of how far they’ve come and excited for all of the success that will come from this innovative, authentic, and extraordinary EP. Once again making it easy to fall for them as if it were the very first time! No matter what you’re going though or what is weighing heavy on your mind, get in the car and roll the windows down, sit on the floor of your bedroom with your earbuds in, go to your parent’s pool and hijack their Alexa, or wherever you love to listen to music and blast this EP as loud as possible to reawaken your connection to REAL Rock N Roll.

A special thank you to Landon for taking the time out of his crazy schedule to catch up with me and spill the tea on this amazing new EP!

To get your hands on a copy of “Secrets In The Sunset” & find out more about Goodbye June:

Website: www.goodbyejune.com/


Instagram: @goodbyejune

Twitter: @GoodbyeJune

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1dc1FuJGMmi45J8aQVHbg


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