From The Mainstream Masquerade Back To Authentic Rock N’ Roll

I’m sure I’m not alone in looking to streaming platforms in the continuous search of something new and amazing to listen to. Sadly, it seems I am regularly disappointed when overly auto-tuned “noise” continues to blast through my speakers. Well guys, things are looking up! Give Alexa the following shout “Alexa, play Dirty Honey!” and search no more! Independent rock sensation Dirty Honey is hitting the refresh on all that we thought we knew about today’s Rock N’ Roll.  This four piece ensemble comes complete with real Rock N’ Roll swagger, jaw dropping guitar solos, hair for days, and tunes that will shake up any playlist!

As soon as I heard Dirty Honey was going to be taking the stage at Jack Rabbits here in Jacksonville, I literally let out a huge fan girl scream! I was way beyond excited and talked about the upcoming show NON-STOP!


I have been a fan of Dirty Honey since the hectic good time that was last year’s Welcome To Rockville. I was frantically trying to get to an artist interview when all of a sudden I heard the voice of an angel! An angel that had a very Steven Tyler like quality. I remember stopping dead in my tracks and looking up at the stage to see huge golden lips that said “Dirty Honey.” I knew in that moment that I was going to be a fan of this band. My very fast paced run turned into almost a tiptoed walk while Dirty Honey was quite literally blowing my mind.

As someone who has been enthusiastic about Rock N’ Roll’s slow but steady comeback, I was very eager to find out more about Dirty Honey. So, after all the chaos from Welcome to Rockville had wined down, I turned to my favorite mediums of falling down the music rabbit hole, YouTube and Spotify! I won’t deny that the more I discovered about Dirty Honey, the more there was to love about these guys! Their Self-Titled EP was spectacular! I instantly related to “When I’m Gone,” and absolutely loved the music video for “Rolling 7’s.” I don’t think there is a single person in my life that I haven’t told to check them out. Not to mention, I have been actively invading family and friends playlists to include a few of their jams.

(Produced and Directed by Scott Fleishman / APLUS Films)

It turns out that I am not alone in thinking very highly of Dirty Honey! Being an unsigned band is no walk in the park on a warm sunny day. But, WOW! do they shine bright and rock hard! Dirty Honey is the ONLY unsigned act EVERRRRRRR to reach #1 on the Billboard charts without a record label, they have been on tour with Guns N Roses, have been nominated for an iHeart Music award for Best New Rock/Alternative Artist*, their breakout single “When I’m Gone” was featured as the theme song for the 2019 WWE Extreme Rules special, and they have been praised by those who have had the chance to catch them on the stage of some of Danny Wimmer’s biggest rock festivals like Welcome To Rockville, Louder Than Life, Sonic Temple, and Epicenter.


Dirty Honey is the real deal people! They are an unique example of how a great band can create great music that truly enriches the soul. The kind of music that fires you up and moves you. You’ll see stars in your eyes as they  make you want to dance it out, sing it loud (or in my case scream,) flip the bird, and rock out throughout the show. Which is exactly how I felt as I enjoyed every single second during their Jack Rabbits gig.  

I haven’t seen Jack Rabbits packed like that in what feels like forever! Everyone around me was either throwing up jazz hands, singing and dancing with me, or LITERALLY reaching out to touch the guys as the played hits like “Fire Away,” “Heartbreaker,” “When I’m Gone,” “Rolling 7’s,” and even a cover of Aerosmith’s “Last Child.”. It was a truly AMAZING experience. Dirty Honey has set the bar extremely high for concerts to come in this year. Or do I dare say years to come?!


Rock N’ Roll’s up and coming band Dirty Honey will have all of us screaming “Alexa… REPEAT!” They are setting us free from the mainstream façade and proving that Rock N’ Roll will never just be a genre of “the good ole days.” Dirty Honey is the invigorating force that demonstrates Rock N’ Roll is the genre of NOW. 

        For more information about Dirty Honey: 

Instagram & Twitter: @DirtyHoneyBand

Facebook: @DirtyHoneyMusic 

Also be sure to check them out on Spotify & iTunes!

*(Fans will be able to watch the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards live on FOX on Sunday, March 29th at 8pm ET. The event will also be broadcast on iHeartMedia stations nationwide and on iHeartRadio.

Also a special thanks to Bryan Joe Corder! Thanks for letting me borrow your camera to shoot this show! I’m SOOOO investing in one! Check out his work on instagram! @bryan_j_corder_photography & @ignitemusicmag

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